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Passenger Ship Technology

Passenger Ship Technology

Interior & Refurbishment Review

Passenger Ship Interior and Refurbishment Review 2018

The cruise ship industry has its largest orderbook ever with a value of approximately US$46.7 billion covering 75 ships plus options (as of July 2017). Alongside this, its refurbishment industry is booming due to the fierce competition between cruise ship operators and their desire to strengthen the brands they operate.

All this means that the cruise interiors business has never been so busy. This is something reflected in the ferry segment as well. After a stagnant period, ferry newbuild activity has rapidly increased, having a knock-on effect on the interiors/ hotel side of existing vessels.

We examine the interiors business of both the newbuild and refurbishment sectors of cruise ships and ferries. Focusing on the technology and energy efficiency side of passenger ship interiors, we look at the latest trends and new technology, cruise and ferry newbuildings and upgrade projects, spanning flooring, decking, ceilings, lighting, cabins and public areas, as well as lifts and elevators, galleys and the work of key interior outfitters. We speak to shipyards, interior providers and manufacturers, outfitters, refurbishment specialists and the ship operators themselves to reveal the very latest in this booming sector.

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