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Passenger Ship Technology

Passenger Ship Technology

Carnival’s energetic plans for Ocean Medallion

Fri 28 Apr 2017 by Rebecca Moore

Carnival’s energetic plans for Ocean Medallion

Upgrading a cruise ship to Medallion class is about more than the installation of sensors and cables. Fuel and efficiency enhancements are on the agenda too as PST editor Rebecca Moore found out when she boarded Regal Princess in drydock in Hamburg

The plans unveiled so far about Ocean Medallion are just the start – Carnival Corp. is looking at future developments revolved around boosting energy efficiency and saving fuel costs, and as part of the Ocean Medallion strategy has already increased the WiFi connectivity of ships.

I attended the fitting of the Ocean Medallion on Regal Princess in dry dock in Hamburg this week and the sheer extent of the work involved was laid bare. The new cabling involved measured 75 miles and almost 7,000 sensors and 1,780 in-cabin Wi-Fi access points were installed.

Michael Jungen, Carnival Corp senior VP of guest experience design and technology summed it up to PST: “we designed everything all the way down to the connectors – I’m putting all my energy into it as I believe we’re onto something special.”

There are already plans to develop the concept further. The sensors used are location based, but in future they could deliver temperature and CO2 levels.

And this could lead to other innovations. Carnival is looking at how to use the Ocean Medallion to achieve energy efficiency within HVAC, lighting and fuel consumption.

Other cruise brands have been quick to follow on Carnival Corps footsteps in terms of the Ocean Medallion, but they have a lot to live up to. 

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