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Passenger Ship Technology

Carnival CEO: Ocean Medallion like an ‘iceberg’

Wed 15 Mar 2017 by Rebecca Moore reporting from Seatrade Cruise Global, Florida

Carnival CEO: Ocean Medallion like an ‘iceberg’
Ocean Medallion is like an “iceberg” that hides a whole guest “ecosystem”, said Carnival CEO Arnold Donald at Seatrade Cruise Global

Carnival’s groundbreaking Ocean Medallion is like an “iceberg”, chief executive Arnold Donald said – as buried behind the scenes is an “entire guest experience ecosystem”.

Speaking to delegates at Seatrade Cruise Global’s keynote conference session about the theme of innovation and technology within Carnival, he highlighted the importance of the new Ocean Medallion, which will be launched on Regal Princess in November.

“It is an amazingly small yet powerful device that will seem like a simple thing to our guests, but the Medallion has gigabytes of functionality working behind the scenes to enhance the guests’ experience and empower our crew.”

He said: “Like an iceberg what you see is a very small part of what exists, for buried behind the scenes and out of the consciousness of guests is an entire guest experience ecosystem.”

Mr Donald described it as an operating system that is “far more integrated than a WiFi app, with a multimillion dollar propriety shipbuilding structure to serve up the right information, at the right place and at the right time”.

He summed it up as “all about exceeding guest expectation”, and that in the end guests would guide them on the way.

Another important part of Carnival’s innovation strategy is partnering with the Chinese Government to get ships to cater to the “dreams of Chinese guests”. Mr Donald explained that family is very much part of Chinese culture, so they had designed cabins on Majestic Princess to make it easier for multi-generation families to travel together.

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