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Carnival Corp on target with 2020 sustainability performance goals

Thu 04 Aug 2016 by Rebecca Moore

Carnival Corp on target with 2020 sustainability performance goals
Carnival's progress towards its sustainability goals is on track

Carnival Corp has slashed its carbon dioxide emissions by 23 per cent and equipped 41 per cent of its fleet with scrubbers – putting it well on track to meet its 2020 sustainability performance goals.

According to its just-published sustainability report on progress made in 2015 against its 2020 sustainability performance goals, the company is on track to meet its goals in the next four years. 

In 2015, Carnival Corporation announced 10 goals for reducing its environmental footprint and ensuring sustainable business practices. As part of the effort to achieve these goals, the company and its 10 global brands have implemented strategic energy reduction and conservation initiatives. The most notable progress made against these 10 goals to date include: slashing the company’s carbon intensity rate by 2.8 per cent resulting in a 23.4 per cent overall carbon dioxide emission reduction relative to the 2005 baseline; equipping 41 per cent of the fleet with exhaust gas cleaning technology to reduce sulfur compounds and particulate matter from engine exhaust; and improving the company’s carbon footprint with its order of LNG dual-fuelled cruise ships. It is also on track to meet the 10 percentage point increase in fleet-wide capacity coverage of advanced waste water purification systems (AWWPS).

“We know it is increasingly important to have sustainable and transparent operations, so we work hard every day to run our company in a sustainable way, and to share those practices broadly, so that our guests can feel confident that they are making a responsible decision when they book a vacation with us,” said Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival Corporation. “We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable voyage for our guests and crew members as our cruise line brands create great vacations, while at the same time maintaining our deep commitment to protecting the oceans, seas and destinations we visit.”

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