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Carnival opens LNG floodgates; says 'LNG is the future'

Mon 02 Oct 2017 by Rebecca Moore

Carnival opens LNG floodgates; says 'LNG is the future'

A milestone has been reached – the steel cutting has taken place on Costa Cruises’ Costa Smeralda, one of two Costa Cruises newbuilds that will be the first cruise ships to use LNG to generate 100% of their power both in port and at sea.

Carnival Corp senior vice president maritime affairs Tom Strang told Passenger Ship Technology at the steel cutting at Meyer Turku “Personally, I see LNG as the fuel for the future.”

I agree that it is the future fuel for the cruise industry –  it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel that is available today and meets and exceeds regulatory requirements. Carnival expect a 20-25% reduction in CO2 from its LNG-fuelled ships.

The work Carnival is doing to develop the infrastructure will pave the way for others to follow. It has signed a framework agreement with Shell Western LNG BV (Shell) to be the supplier for the fuel to power the LNG-powered ships for AIDA Cruises and Costa Cruises.

This is crucial as “LNG is not as widely available as we would like it to be but we are working on that and we have a partner that supports us in this: we have worked with them to build the infrastructure worldwide.”

Just a glance at the orderbook shows how far LNG use has spread in the cruise industry – Carnival Corp has seven LNG cruise ships on order. There are a total of 14 LNG cruise ships on the orderbook. Expect more orders to follow.

Carnival LNG orderbook

  • AIDA Cruises (AIDAnova) – 2018 
  • Costa Cruises – October 2019
  • Carnival Cruise Line – 2020
  • P&O Cruises UK – 2020
  • AIDA Cruises – 2021 
  • Costa Cruises – 2021
  • Carnival Cruise Line – 2022


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