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Passenger Ship Technology

Passenger Ship Technology

Ferries to feature ultra-rapid DC system

Wed 16 Aug 2017 by Paul Fanning

Ferries to feature ultra-rapid DC system
The order is the largest in NES’ history

Five new Fjord1 ferries will feature hybrid propulsion systems featuring Norwegian Electric Systems’ (NES) ultra-rapid DC system Odin’s Eye.

The ferries are to be built at Havyard Ship Technology and the delivery will include Odin’s Eye to secure reliable charging/discharging of the batteries. This is the largest contract in NES’ history.

Three of the ferries will operate between Hareid-Sulesund and the other two the Magerholm-Sykkylven route. The ferries are 111 m long and can carry 120 cars each. All the equipment on board is prepared for battery use but ready with full diesel operation should the batteries fail.

“We are proud of the confidence Fjord1 has given us by choosing NES as the system integrator for these vessels. It shows that NES has the best technical solution and the competence required for these highly complex and advanced battery-operated ferries,” said NES vice president sales Stein Ruben Larsen. “The ferry distance Hareid-Sulesund is technically the most demanding all-electric distance offered in Norway,” he continued.

NES has also signed a contract for delivery of the hybrid propulsion system to Fjord1’s new ferry, the Fjellstrand-designed ZeroCat 120. The ferry is a catamaran built with aluminum at Fjellstrand AS. It will operate all-electric between Halhjem-Våge and includes Odin’s Eye DC grid solution adapted for this distance.

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