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Passenger Ship Technology

Viking Jupiter floated out

Fri 11 May 2018 by Rebecca Moore

<i>Viking Jupiter</i> floated out
The sixth ocean-going cruise ship Fincantieri is building for Viking is floated out

Viking Jupiter, the sixth ocean cruise ship Fincantieri is building for Viking, has been floated out at the shipyard in Ancona.

Interior fitting will now begin, leading the vessel to its delivery, scheduled in 2019.

The float out was introduced by the traditional coin ceremony, consisting of welding a silver dollar on the top deck of the ship.

The unit will be placed in the small cruise ship segment. As its sister ships, it will have a gross tonnage of about 47,800 tonnes, with 465 cabins with accommodation for 930 passengers.

Fincantieri said in a statement “The Viking units are all built according to the latest navigation regulations and equipped with the most modern safety systems, including the safe return to port. Furthermore, they feature the most advanced technologies for energy saving and for meeting the strictest environmental regulations with energy efficient engines and an exhaust gas cleaning system.”

The first of the series, Viking Star, was built at the shipyard in Marghera and delivered in 2015. The other units, Viking Sea, Viking Sky and Viking Sun, which joined the shipowner’s fleet in 2016 and 2017, were all built at the Ancona yard, as was the fifth ship, Viking Orion, which will be completed within the next few weeks. Another 10 units, including the one launched today, will take to the sea from the Group’s Italian yards between 2019 and 2027, while recently Fincantieri’s subsidiary, Vard, signed a letter of intent for the design and construction of two special cruise vessels to be built in its Norwegian yards.

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