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Passenger Ship Technology

Passenger Ship Technology

Panasonic reveals third-generation satellite network

Tue 09 Jan 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Panasonic reveals third-generation satellite network
ITC Global offers VSAT connectivity to shipping, cruise ships, offshore vessels and naval ships

Panasonic Avionics Corp has introduced a new generation of satellite communications for maritime, offshore oil and renewables, and passenger ship connectivity. The network includes high throughput satellites, ground stations and modem technology from Newtec that enables voice and video over IP applications.

This provides bandwidth for passenger and crew communications, online applications, entertainment channels, video conferencing and streaming, social media and smartphone operations. Panasonic’s subsidiary ITC Global will leverage this network to offer this connectivity to shipping, cruise ships, offshore vessels and naval ships.

Panasonic chief executive Hideo Nakano said the network is more than just providing bandwidth to vessels. “It represents a major evolution in our approach to partnering with customers to deliver the highest standards of service and to ensure that their passengers enjoy an unmatched connected experience,” he said in a statement.

ITC Global chief executive Ian Dawkins gave an exclusive insight into how this satellite network will provide benefits to ship and rig owners in an interview with Marine Electronics & Communications in 2017. He explained that higher levels of connectivity can drive developments in crew welfare services, remote monitoring of ships and video streaming. He said units with large numbers of passengers, such as cruise ships and offshore rigs, can benefit the most from this VSAT connectivity.

Panasonic is offering new business intelligence tools and reports with this high throughput service, to provide customers with the data and analytics. Ships will be competing with aviation for access to the global satellite network.

ITC Global delivers VSAT connectivity through a series of channel partners. Panasonic has taken capacity on high throughput satellites, such as Intelsat’s EpicNG constellation, which is increasing in capacity and coverage with the addition of new satellites.

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