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‘Power by the hour’ service for Havila Kystruten

Wed 10 Apr 2019 by Gavin Lipsith

‘Power by the hour’ service for Havila Kystruten
The contract, valued at US$439,000 per ship per year, is intended to help Havila Kystruten meet strict service requirements

Norway’s new coastal route operator Havila Kystruten has signed a service contract linked to operational availability for its fleet of four cruise ferries being built in Spain and Turkey.

The company has signed a 10-year contract valued at NOK150M (US$17.5M) in total - equivalent to NOK3.75M (US$439,000) per vessel per year, to take effect when the vessels enter service in 2021. The ‘power by the hour’ agreement with Kongsberg Maritime covers planned as well as unplanned maintenance parts and labour provided by the supplier.

Havila Kystruten chairman Per Sævik said that the service requirements stipulated under the Norwegian coastal route concession – awarded by the government early last year – meant that it was important for the operator to guarantee as little downtime as possible.

The equipment covered includes azipull main thrusters and tunnel thrusters driven by permanent magnet motors as well as stabilisers, LNG systems and Bergen gas engines. Training and monitoring, on-board spares and access to Kongsberg’s thruster support pool and exchange programmes is also included. Third-party equipment, such as the Corvus batteries, is not included.

Remote monitoring of equipment is central to the deal. Kongsberg monitors the equipment aboard each vessel from the shore and engineers will be able to connect with the ship to carry out remote service activities.

Day-to-day maintenance is carried out by Havila Kystruten’s crew. A product-specific plan provided by Kongsberg identifies planned maintenance tasks.

The company confirmed drydocking fees and standard shipyard costs were not included in the service deal. Drydocking is expected to be carried out at a Norwegian shipyard.

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, which became part of Kongsberg Maritime last week, launched its ‘power by the hour’ service agreements in 2017. The contracts allow owners to hand responsibility for service planning and performance back to the equipment supplier.

Norwegian shipowner NorLines was the first company to sign a power by the hour contract for its LNG-fuelled ro-ro vessels Kvitbjörn and Kvitnos. Including the four Havila Kystruten vessels, Kongsberg now serves seven ships under such agreements.

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