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Stockholm ice-class battery hybrid ferry launched

Tue 08 Jan 2019 by Rebecca Moore

Stockholm ice-class battery hybrid ferry launched
Waxholmsbolaget has added an ice-going hydrid battery ferry to its fleet (credit: Danfoss Editron website)

Stockholm-based shipping company Waxholmsbolaget has launched its first hybrid ice-going passenger ferry, powered by hybrid electric propulsion by Danfoss Editron.

The 27.5-m vessel, called Yxlan, was designed and built by Baltic Workboats to serve the Stockholm archipelago and is built to transport up to 150 passengers at a time. 

The ferry has been designed to operate in ice up to 25 cm thick with the vessel ice-strengthened to ICE 1A, with a maximum speed of four knots in such conditions.

The vessel operates with permanent magnet motors, two diesel engines and a battery pack, and any combination of gensets and the battery bank can be used.

Baltic Workboats said that as the vessel will also operate in winter, there are requirements for insulation, waste heat recovery, and heat recovery of the exhaust air. The vessel is also equipped with an exhaust cleaning SCR system to further lower emissions.

Baltic Workboats said the vessel is configured to run with only two crew members with remote launching of life rafts and “high safety”. But it is possible to accommodate three members in their own cabins if required.

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